published:Sep 27, 2017

IOCDOC: Document the configuration of an EPICS IOC

In EPICS, an IOC is the server, coordinating hardware actions with software configuration, command, and control.

This project arose from a user request: What does my EPICS system provide? Tell me about all the PVs.

Operation of an IOC begins with a command to a executable, compiled for the host computer architecture, and a startup script, often called st.cmd by convention. All necessary configuration information is provided in the startup script or through the environment variables from the host operating system when the startup script is launched.

It is possible, by parsing the startup script, to document the implementation of the IOC and that is the goal of this package. Reference to well-known IOC commands (such as dbLoadRecords), packages (such as synApps), and the chosen EPICS base version will be provided.

Output is in a set of restructured text files for compilation by Sphinx into HTML and/or PDF. Reference to any additional HTML documentation provided in the IOC’s directory structure will be included.


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